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“Sales and profit are our number one objective, but retention is our number one priority. Love’Em or Lose’Em was instrumental to our success in building a true retention culture. We continue to experience incremental decreases in our turnover rates and share our managers’ enthusiasm for implementing simple A-Z strategies to retain our vital competitive edge … our human capital.”

Pat Stromberg
Vice President/Stores Human Resources/Northern California, Nevada & Minnesota

Macy’s West

The Retention Drivers Report

What will happen as the economy strengthens and choices become available again?

Will talent remain loyal and committed to their organizations, or will they jump ship? It depends on the degree to which their companies are providing what they really want, in the midst of a weak labor market.

And what the Retention Drivers Report confirms is ... what they really want hasn't changed. The top three retention drivers are the same today as they were at the last peak in the tight labor market in 2000: Exciting work and challenge; career growth, learning and development; working with great people and relationships. Organizations can and must build cultures that engage and retain talent, even in an uncertain economy. Leaders must realize that today's business downturn has created an artificial calm in the war for talent.

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